Starzonia bookmarklet checks 7 amazons at one click

2012-09-07 at 21:38:06 | categories: tips

Checking prices of a product on amazon

Whenever we wanted to check prices and reviews of a product on amazon we used starzonia to find it for us. While that works great we still needed to go to the portal and type something in.

Much easier is just to click on some button while viewing a product on any amazon page. And that is exactly what starzonia bookmarklet is doing!

Using it is extremely simple:

  • visit starzonia and drag the bookmarklet to your bookmark bar,
  • visit any amazon site, choose any product sold by amazon and click on the bookmarklet

That is it. The bookmarklet will redirect you to starzonia which will immediately start looking for this product on all amazon sites, showing you pretty quickly from which amazon you can buy it at lowest price including shipping to your destination. And of course you can check all reviews of that product and several amazons with just one click.

Very simple and it works cool :)