Temporary debianized loop-aes-utils not conflicting with fuse

2011-12-29 at 23:51:12 | categories: tips, linux

New fuse does not like loop-aes-utils

Since beginning of the year 2011 fuse package is in conflict with loop-aes-utils. It has been reported many times and finally somewhere in October 2011 someone wrote a patch for mount and umount which solves the problem.

Unfortunately I need both on daily basis so I could either: downgrade fuse and wait until someone changes "conflict" line to something version-dependent and not just absolute: loop-aes-utils. or do compile my own loop-aes-utils and use it under different name.

Installing ubuntu patched loop-aes-utils

After some consideration I decided to to the latter. I took the sources from ubuntu, applied their patches, renamed package to loop-aes-utils-ubuntu and installed on my system. It works like a charm as of 2011-12-29.

Below you will find a script which builds deb package for you. Of course you need gcc, fakeroot, all necessary libraries and dpkg* utilities to do it, but if something is missing you will see that on the console. You can build a deb file as a non-root user, but for installation you need root permissions of course.

Here is the script. It is a bit simplified with some debug stuff in it (sleeps, echos), but it worked fine for me. It fetches needed sources, patches them with ubuntu patches, then changes names so the package is called loop-aes-utils-ubuntu and produces a deb file.

Good luck!