How to install gitolite on synology NAS server

2011-09-23 at 20:12:10 | categories: tips, synology


For my projects I wanted to have some internal server at home. After some consideration I chose Synology DS111 which meets my needs best.

Git + Gitolite

The diskstation is running great and soon I wanted to install git and gitolite and other interesting tools (like squid, python, etc. :-)). After reading this it all was pretty straight forward. Installing git was as simple as ikpg install git.

To install gitolite I followed instruction from here using root method of installation.

Unfortunatelly installation script fails on default Synology DS111 with DSM 3.1. The solution is to install coreutils (ipkg install coreutils) - then everything (installation of gitolite) works like a charm!


I wrote this to share the information which may potentialy save you some nerves and for sure your time :-)