Short term memory training for speed reading

2013-02-10 at 09:44:12 | categories: tools

Some time ago I read Speed reading by Tony Buzan. It was very promising so I gave it a try and for several weeks I...

NLP alphabet game

2012-06-26 at 23:34:39 | categories: tools

The New Code NLP utilizes games and other activities in order to elicit content free high performance states. The alphabet game is one of those.Check...

Simple decision-making tool

2012-06-24 at 21:46:40 | categories: tools

Sometime we have more options to select from and the choise is not easy.Having 2 choices it is relatively easy to say which one is...

A simple interest rate calculator

2012-06-19 at 21:24:11 | categories: tools

There are several JS libraries for MVC pattern. Folks at javascriptmvcdid excelent job presenting them. I choose backbone to play with it a bit,and that... price and reviews comparison engine

2012-05-29 at 18:45:02 | categories: tools

We used to host here a tool for comparing ratings of amazon products and calculating overall rating. In meanwhile STARZONIA.COM, as we called it, grew...